HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
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HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p

HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720pHIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p. Download HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p

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Movie Overview

HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Ram Prasad Koduri perceives about his wife Jhansi’s extra-marital affair and feels broken. Fearing that he would expose her, Jhansi has Ram Prasad arrested on false marital assault charges, and tarnishes his reputation. Though he returns home, he is socially boycotted, and later commits suicide

Krishna Dev, shortly known as KD is SP in Homicidal Intervention Team (HIT) of Andhra Pradesh in Vishakapatnam, who is accomplished for his presence of mind and quickness in nabbing criminals. He is engaged in a live-in-relationship with Aarya, an entrepreneur who owns a boutique and is an active member of an association for women’s welfare. A woman employed in a bar, Sanjana is brutally murdered and butchered at her workplace after everyone leaves. Assigned on the case, KD learns from the forensic department that, of the body parts they found at crime spot apparently of Sanjana, only the head is hers and the other body parts are of three other women. Through a bite mark on Sanjana’s neck, it is discovered that the murderer has an extra tooth on his incisors.

Along with his teammates, Abhilash and Varsha, KD meets Sanjana’s roommate Rajitha, who informs them of a pub, Sanjana frequented. KD and his team interrogate the staff but to no avail. KD meets Sanjana’s parents and through one of her photos with her childhood friends, he realizes that Sanjana had a friend Raghavudu, with an extra tooth on his incisors like that of murderer. Realizing that he is employed in Vishakapatnam, KD suspects him of murdering Sanjana and goes to his residence in Vizag, finds the shoes that exactly match with the prints found at the crime scene. Raghavudu claims that he did not murder Sanjana but refuses to divulge where he was, when the murder took place. Abhilash learns that the assassination attempt on Vikram Rudraraju was ordered by Vikram’s superior Vishwanath, who is now dead.

Meanwhile, Aarya tells KD that she is pregnant with his child. Court trials begin against Raghavudu and due to political pressure as the brutality of murder earns great criticism from public and media, KD’s superior DGP Nageshwar Rao orders an encounter to be operated. KD receives a mail and is notified that Raghuvudu was at Kakinada when Sanjana was killed. He contacts Nageshwar Rao to requesting him to stop Raghavudu’s encounter but Nageshwar Rao refuses to oblige, frightened of the criticism that the police department would receive, if everyone comes to know that they have caught a wrong person. To rescue Raghuvudu, KD informs a journalist of this, seeking help and sends him a video proving Raghavudu’s presence in Kakinada during the murder.

The encounter is stopped, but Raghavudu commits suicide in prison due to disgrace. Varsha informs KD that Raghavudu was with his lover, who is married, in Kakinada during the murder and to protect her from being humiliated for meeting him, he refused to disclose where he was. KD receives threats from the murderer, whose next targets are apparently Rajitha and Aarya, where he provides personal security for Aarya without revealing the truth to her while asks Rajitha to move in with her boyfriend Kumar. KD realizes that the pubs allow customers with a mark on their hand as an entry-fee and finds that a similar mark was found on the hand, they found with Sanjana’s head. KD traces the girl, Tanya, who went missing, few days prior to her wedding, a few months ago. Aarya informs KD that Tanya was also an active member of the women’s welfare association.

KD learns that the other body part belongs to Pooja, former president of the same women’s welfare association whose corpse was found in Hyderabad by Vikram Rudraraju. KD learns from an aged housekeeper that many years ago, president of the same association, Jhansi’s past, and she was also brutally murdered. KD and Varsha reach Jhansi’s residence and finds that Jhansi and Ramprasad had a son. Later, the murderer abducts Aarya. KD and Varsha find that all the victims frequented a dental clinic owned by Rajeev Kumar Koduri, Ramprasad’s son who was depressed as his father committed suicide out of disgrace while his mother had no regret. He targets women from the women’s association, his mother worked at as its president.


HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p

HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
Full Name: HIT The 2nd Case 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
Release Date: 2nd December 2022
Length: 2h 30min
Size: 1.1 GB
Quality: HD 720p
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Language: Hindi
Cast: Adivi Sesh, Meenakshii Chaudhary, Rao Ramesh
 HIT: The 2nd Case
(2022) on IMDb